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A memorable experience in a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere

5-Star Qasr Alziafeh Qods Rexan Hotel

The Ghasr Alziafeh Hotel is situated in one of the most prominent geographical locations, overlooking the holy shrine of Imam Reza. Positioned adjacent to the Astan Quds Razavi complex, the hotel provides a direct and panoramic view of the entire holy shrine, its courtyards, and surrounding areas from its windows, balconies, and eastern terraces. With the sound of the muezzin, one can perform daily prayers while being approximately 50 meters away in the Roze Rezwan courtyards.

A Space with Tranquility

All the amenities for a pleasant and memorable stay are provided in the suites of the 5-star Qasr Alziafeh Qods Rexan International Hotel for our esteemed guests.

In equipping the suites of this hotel, everything is gathered under one roof for your comfort and convenience, along with creating a memorable experience that lasts forever, so that the name of the Qasr Alziafeh International Hotel in Mashhad, with the spiritual presence of Imam Reza, remains memorable to you.

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Experience of Unforgettable Moments

A tranquil and charming environment, accompanied by modern services, has been provided with the highest quality for dear guests, creating unforgettable memories for each individual. A variety of cuisines, from Iranian to Arab, international, and seafood, cater to every taste and preference in these restaurants.

WhyChoose Us ?

Just an eight-minute walk from the Qasr Alziafeh Hotel to the holy shrine of Imam Reza, with 424 exclusive parking spots in an environment without any traffic; Qasr Alziafeh Hotel is the closest and most beautiful 5-star hotel with a panoramic and heavenly view of the holy shrine.-

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