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Qasr Alziafeh Qods Rexan Hotel

In the blessings of that holy shrine, serving the pilgrims of Imam Reza is considered a great duty and honor for the Rexan International Hotel Group. We will make every effort to provide the best accommodation and hospitality services to the guests of the compassionate Imam at the Qasr Alziafeh Rexan Hotel. This hotel, with 9370 square meters of land and over 68000 square meters of useful building on 11 floors, is located in one of the best geographical locations, in the vicinity of the holy shrine of Imam Reza. From the windows, halls, and eastern terraces of this hotel, one can witness a direct and panoramic view of the holy shrine and its courtyards.

The proximity of this hotel, just 50 meters away from the holy shrine, is an advantage that allows you to perform your daily prayers with the celestial voice of the muezzin in the courtyard of the shrine. Furthermore, the geographical location of the hotel and its closeness to the shrine make it possible for guests to enjoy their stay and pilgrimage in an environment free from traffic.

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