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Conference Halls

at Qasr Alziafeh Qods Rexan Hotel

Firoozeh Banquet Hall

A magnificent and multi-purpose hall located on the first floor with a capacity of 200 to 300 people. It offers diverse catering menus, centralized audio-visual systems, air conditioning, and numerous dedicated parking. This space provides an ideal environment for hosting specialized seminars, business conferences, as well as formal and family gatherings, all in the vicinity of the Imam Reza holy shrine.

Guest Capacity - Suitable for formal and family events –

Exclusive catering - Free Wi-Fi - Dedicated parking - Modern facilities - Focused modern audio-visual equipment

Zomorrod and Yaqoot Meeting Halls

Two exclusive meeting rooms, one accommodating 10 and the other 14 guests, with the possibility of limited capacity expansion on the first floor. These rooms offer the convenience of providing snacks during meetings and easy access to catering services for business meals such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are ready to serve guests and pilgrims of Imam Reza.

At the international Qasr Alziafeh Hotel, ceremonies, conferences, specialized seminars, business meetings, and sessions are conducted in a manner that goes beyond imagination. The provision of services and facilities in the conference and meeting halls of this hotel is truly luxurious and unique, deserving to create some of the best memories for esteemed guests. Attention to detail and maintaining quality at a global standard are among the distinguishing features of this hotel in Mashhad compared to other 5-star hotels.

The meeting and conference halls of this hotel each have their own unique features and capacities, accommodating up to 300 people. Practical and up-to-date audio-visual equipment, dedicated parking, and more create an exceptional setting for guests. Halls such as the Firoozeh Banquet Hall, the Zomorrod Hall, and the Yaqoot Hall offer unparalleled experiences. You can reserve your preferred hall based on its specific features.

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